i'd really love to sleep in with you on a rainy day, open the curtains at midday and pull out a novel or two. i'd get up and make you something to eat and a hot chocolate or a coffee
- Anonymous

Midday a little early for my liking but sounds wonderful

Like deadset bro deadset

I have worlds most premature hangover

how tall are you? :)
- Anonymous

I actually have no idea haha

You should definitely give modelling a go just during the mean time!
- Anonymous

Oh god no way I fit zero criteria needed but thank you for the well meant suggestion haha

what do you do now in the mean time?
- Anonymous

Trying to find a job, trying to find other things more important to me
Seems I have lost a lot of stuff - cue weepy violin

You're so pretty omg!
- Anonymous

Ah thank u thank u made me fe el nice